SHUFL is a new and exciting game to enhance your pub experience.

Hailing from Norway, SHUFL has hit the UK pub and bar scene like a storm, and is now heavily becoming a popular game that’s up there with pool, snooker and darts.

Similar to curling and bowls, SHUFL is a game which consists of two teams sliding a puck from one end of the table to the other, whilst trying to get your puck as close to the end of the table without falling off.

Taking turns to slide one puck at a time, players can try to knock their opponents puck off the table, making SHUFL a very competitive sport (and perfect for bragging rights).

Players get more points the closer they are to the end of the board, and carry on playing until a team reaches 15 points. Only then are you considered the winner.

With 4 pucks for each team, SHUFL allows for team sizes between 1 and 4, making it great for large parties to play.

Below shows a more detailed image of the SHUFL board rules.

You can book your SHUFL board in advance, and is highly reccomended to avoid dissapointment.

Pricing wise, Wednesday-Saturday SHUFL boards cost £15 for an hour, or £10 for half an hour. Tuesdays and Sundays cost £10 for an hour, and £7 for half.

SHUFL is free to play every Monday, and also has free to enter tournaments bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings. There are prizes for the winners!